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Add Name on Animated Happy New Year

Create a vibrant and festive animated Happy New Year greeting card. Imagine a beautifully crafted paper, with an intricate design, capturing the essence of celebration. The background should be filled with colorful fireworks, symbolizing the joy and excitement of the New Year. The central feature of the card is a bold, elegant text that reads “Happy New Year!” written in a stylish and celebratory font. Surrounding this text, let there be animated elements like sparkling confetti and paper ribbons, gently falling across the screen, creating a sense of movement and festivity. These animations add a dynamic and lively feel to the card. The overall color scheme should be a harmonious blend of golds, silvers, and vibrant hues, reflecting the traditional colors associated with New Year celebrations. The card’s design should be suitable for sharing with friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, encouraging a shared sense of joy and togetherness as the New Year approaches. The card should be designed to convey warmth, happiness, and the spirit of new beginnings.

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